Now You Can Resolve Your Tech Issues Without Breaking A Sweat!
Finally You Can Forget the Stress, Energy-Draining Hassle and Frustration that comes with Launching Your Online Practice!
Dear Healthy Business-Minded Friend,
When did embarking on your dream to launch a health and wellness practice start to feel like a 14 hour long day at a technical conference? 
Believe us, we get it. In this day and age “keeping up with the times” can make you feel like you’re studying to become an IT professional (with genius marketing expertise) instead of a health and wellness entrepreneur.

If you’ve ever found yourself yawning and blinking at a bright computer monitor at 2 AM… we’re here to wake you up from that bland and tiring dream, folks. If this sounds at all familiar, we’d wager that you’ll probably find at least a couple of these questions relatable…
Have you been wondering?
  • How do you setup a high converting Lead Magnet to grow your list?
  • How can you create a visually appealing and effective landing page that will attract customers?
  • How would you go about setting up automated follow up and upsell emails? At what duration and frequency would you send them?
  • What are all of the steps to a sound “marketing automation plan” and how do you learn the technical skills to deploy them? 
  • How do I setup automated delivery of my online programs?
  • How do you know you’re doing everything you need to be doing in order to achieve success?
  • You’re concerned about time and need focus on what you do best… building your health and wellness practice!
Stop Your Tech Headaches TODAY Once And For All...
The good news? There is no cruel joke and you’re not switching professions after all! And yes, if we’re talking Java then we’re talking about coffee and the effects of caffeine on your health, not about a programming language! 

The not-so fabulous news? This is just a portion of the questions that one can ask when embarking on starting an online practice endeavor… this can be a huge task!

All jokes aside, getting the logistics and automation down to create and streamline an efficient online practice is not an easy task!

If you’re feeling frustrated… it’s completely understandable! This truly can require a ton of technical know-how. You’re a health professional, not an online marketer and it is not your fault.
It’s time to take a sigh of relief, my friends. we’re armed with a plan and ready to help you tackle this issue head on!

Elan & Joey
"The team at ZigiMedia created a new opt-in page for a free video series I created on overcoming emotional eating. In the past I’ve always created all my own opt-in pages using LeadPages, but this time I decided to get something professionally done. I was a little nervous about making the investment, but when I saw what they built for me I was truly blown away. They came up with something that was not only stunning, clear and engaging, but also totally captured the essence of me and my brand. They totally surpassed my expectations and I could not be more thrilled!

An opt-in page is often the first impression a potential client or customer gets about you and your brand. It matters. I’m so happy that I made the investment in ZigiMedia to create one that conveys my message so clearly, and so beautifully!"
Sara Best
Nutritionist & Emotional Eating Coach
Why You Should Work With ZigiMedia
Is marketing & technology slowing your practice down?

Do you want to focus on growing your practice rather than working for your practice?

We feel your pain and want to help you.

We’re ZigiMedia, we help change the way you strategize and implement digital marketing for your offline or online practice. We provide Done For You services that will take the burden of marketing and technology off your plate and let you focus on what you do best.

We work with all of your favorite apps and have the knowledge to bring a complete solution together for you. 

We LOVE collaborating with:
-Health & Wellness Practitioners
-Offline / Online Business Owners
-Internet Marketers

If you’re one of the above then let us help you generate leads that turn into customers which will increase your profit!  Our expertise and willingness to over deliver value on every project ensures long lasting relationships with our clients and most importantly your success.
Jen Rudis
Holistic Health Coach & 
Founder of Jenerate Wellness
Wellness Business Hub Member
"Prior to working with ZigiMedia, I spent the better part of a year trying to teach myself how to use an online marketing platform. I had a lot of creative ideas, but wasn't sure how to effectively implement them. In this demanding world of digital marketing and all things mobile, it was brutal trying to navigate through the weeds. Not to mention, finding the time while running a brick and mortar business was virtually impossible. 

After connecting with Joey and Elan, it was clear I was completely out of my wheelhouse and needed them to take the reigns. 

ZigiMedia is a power-house collaboration of expert knowledge who took a small business's growth potential to a whole new level. 

In just a short amount of time, they implemented a digital marketing campaign that included a complete website redesign and the creation of an online brand. I can't thank ZigiMedia enough for their expertise, attention to detail, and tremendous amount of support. 

I highly recommend them to anyone who desires to professionally kick ass!"  
A Message From Lori Kennedy
Lori Kennedy here. Hello! I’ll skip the introduction as you and I are already acquainted.  
If you’re reading this now, you’re a current Wellness Business Hub or Wellness Business Academy member and I thank you for your trust is me! As a valued customer, I want nothing more than to see you succeed greatly.

To solve this issue, I’ve partnered with my friends at ZigiMedia to help you implement an awesome digital marketing plan to your online practice. 
These professionals have the expertise to help you strategize a plan built for greatness. At ZigiMedia, they’re equipped to give your online practice all of the bells and whistles. 
If you have questions about building lead magnet sales pages, using automatic follow up emails, integration with your favourite applications, or how to go about deploying an effective marketing automation plan all together then ZigiMedia is here to help you!
If you’ve been feeling stressed due to the technical marketing components of building your online practice, ZigiMedia can provide outstanding service with meticulous attention to detail.

If you want things done for you and done right these guys can help!

One time setup fee (CAD)
100% Your Content

  • Lead Magnet Landing Page Design
  • Lead Magnet Thank You Page Design
  • Integration With Autoresponder
  • Automated Delivery of Lead Magnet Content
  • 10 x Email Nurture & Sales Follow-Up
  • Integration With Payments
  • Product Sales Page Design
  • Product Buy Page Design
  • Product Thank You Page Design
  • 8 x Automated Email Delivery Of Product Content
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • 1 x Reviews & Revisions
  • 1 Hour 1:1 Project Kickoff Call 
for 3 Months (CAD)
100% Your Content

  • Lead Magnet Landing Page Design
  • Lead Magnet Thank You Page Design
  • Integration With Autoresponder
  • Automated Delivery of Lead Magnet Content
  • 10 x Email Nurture & Sales Follow-Up
  • Integration With Payments
  • Product Sales Page Design
  • Product Buy Page Design
  • Product Thank You Page Design
  • 8 x Automated Email Delivery Of Product Content
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • 1 x Reviews & Revisions
  • 1 Hour 1:1 Project Kickoff Call 
Still Have Questions?
What Exactly Does this Awesome "Done For You" Offer Entail?
We understand that you need to focus on the entrepreneurial aspects of building your practice (outside of the technical realm) rather than work for it! We’re here alleviate the stress and provide everything you’ll need. 

In a nutshell, we’re offering you personal digital marketing campaigns with white glove service from experts with the technical know-how to provide the implementation for the launch of your online practice. You provide the content we take care of the rest!
Exceeding customer satisfaction is my #1 goal. If you’re not happy, we’re going to work with you to make sure you love the end result. To ensure this, we are offering a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!
Are you ready to breathe a sigh of relief try out a package RISK-FREE?
Rest-assured that we are offering this promotion in order to help propel you to success. We're confident that you will be so happy that we are offering a 30 Day Satisfaction guarantee on all product purchases.
What’s holding you back? Give your online practice launch a huge boost with one of these RISK FREE plans today!
Frequently Asked Questions?
Do you work with other tools?
The answer is yes we work with most tools and systems on the market.  We recommend ActiveCampaign with ClickFunnels to build your online programs and automatic email follow ups but also work with LeadPages, Ontraport, InfusionSoft, ConvertKit MindBody and more.  Our team will work with you on a customized solution that integrates with your online practice.  We will help you get up and running with the right tools if you are just getting started.
Are there monthly costs to set this up?
There is no on-going monthly cost to work with ZigiMedia on any of our packages however there are monthly costs to setup an autoresponder and a service like ClickFunnels or LeadPages.
How long will it take to complete my project?
The Signature program launch package takes approximately 3-6 weeks to get your entire program setup.  Project commences once we have all content ready to proceed with your projects.
Who supplies the content?
We want to provide the missing half, (the technical half) that many people have said they needed.  The content comes from programs you have already purchased or created yourself. The purpose of this service is to put all of your pieces together and take your programs and proactice online. The content is 100% provided by you.
What about pictures/images?
If you have specific images you would like us to use you will be able to provide them to us through our Project Management Portal. If you need some help with pictures and images we will be happy to select some for you and you may review them with your dedicated project manager.  Book covers and program images are provided and custom designed for you.  PDF editing not included.  You will be given access to all your artwork files upon project completion.
How do I accept payments?
You will accept payment through a Stripe account, as this is the easiest and smoothest way to accept credit card payments online.   We will provide step by step instructions on how to set this up if you haven't already. This process is simple and easy, your dedicated account manager will work with you to set your practice up to accept payments for your practice and program online.
Do you offer payment plans?
Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans at this time. These services are a la carte and we begin the process of getting you up and running as soon as your payment is received.
Does ZigiMedia also build Websites and Membership Sites?
Yes! These services are not part of this offer but we would be happy to discuss this with you at any time. Please email so we can learn a little bit more about your project needs.
Do you work with people from all over the world?
Yes we do, but all of our prices are listed in Canadian Dollars
Does ZigiMedia offer other online marketing services?
These services are not part of this offer but we would be happy to discuss this with you at any time. Please contact us so we can learn a little bit more about your online marketing needs.  Services include Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Services, Web Design, and much more...
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